Land Rover

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5 months ago
Honestly the process was more of a challenge than I would have liked. I was that cursed customer that ended up there 3 times. However Alfie and her staff are amazing. They stood behind the work every step of the way and openly said they were there to make me happy. They did. The finished product was great and the service was very good. Thank you
5 months ago
Updated the review to 2 stars. I was sent to Budds by my insurance company Aviva. They are a Tesla approved body shop for repairs. This is a 2 star review because my fear of them doing an average job came true. While I would not go into the supply delays and the initial work setup given the pandemic driven constraints, I must say that the work done leaves a gap for sure. The day I picked up the car I heard a new rattling sound in the trunk which did not exist even after I was rear ended. Additionally, the door which was repaired also had a loose rolling screw in it. My car did NOT make any rattling sound before or even after the accident. They brought me in and removed the loose screw and said they repaired the rattle. I went back again after two weeks as the rattle did not stop and its gotten worse with each day and I was basically told - "the noise should get better as the clips seat themselves into the trim panel, its because the clips are new. We will recheck it in a few weeks for you." Sadly this tells me that this sound will probably never go. Again the finish of the repair work is great, but I the fitting is bad. What was worse is that I went back to them with the rattle a full two weeks after and they kept my car for 4 hours, drove it for 2 and the workshop manager sent me the message I have quoted above. (bless the tesla app for making it easy to track that). They did not even bother to check the sound of the rattle in the workshop. the car was literally parked and left where I left it. If you are a Tesla owner feel free to check that they are one of the lowest rated shops on the Tesla website for repairs and that is true in this case too.
4 months ago
Allie was great! She suggested to take out the scratch from my car's front end with a special product she sprayed on and polished. I thought I would need to get a quote to have it buffed out. It worked and I wasn't charged for this service. That made my day.
4 months ago
Great customer service and Allie Wood is the best. She helped us all the way from the start and responding to my questions either via email or calling me directly, which I appreciate very much. Kudos to Allie! Great job!
3 months ago
Excellent service from start to finish. Jennifer was fantastic! I received great communication making me comfortable throughout the process. The car was fixed in a timely manner and looks great.