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a week ago
The work done on my car was excellent. JR and Gabriel went above and beyond to ensure that my paint correction was absolutely perfect. Communication and reassurance throughout this process was ongoing and sincerely appreciated . Their commitment and professionalism throughout this experience was top notch. I would not take my car anywhere else in the future.
2 months ago
Following my initial difficulties with one staff member of Budd’s Collision, I had a meeting with the center’s Vice President, Mr. J. R. Martino, and I experienced that dimension of human care, honesty, and commitment which, literally, goes beyond even service excellence. Our world, understandably but regrettably for most of us, is so intensely profit driven that on the very rare occasions when a single person truly lifts the professional service bar to unify the ethics (the sheer honesty to self and to others), the aesthetics (the determination to create a work of art from a damaged thing), and that ever-unnameable creative thrust to live largely, lyrically, and free of pettiness, such an act and such a person enlarge and deepen our common humanity. Thus, I am not surprised that my car was exquisitely finished; that the Budd’s Collision staff have fine human relations skills; that Mr. Martino took the time to explain to me not only the distinct steps of the vehicular collision repair process, but that, in order to offset my frustration at the cost (car rental) and time delay caused by the fact that the new Germany-based cylinder had been twice sent and twice damaged-in-shipping, Mr. Martino graciously took care of the car rental costs and then educated me about the ethic Budd’s takes in ensuring that no tarnished part will ever be placed in a Budd’s-repaired vehicle. Those of you who watched the W5 program revealing the criminal acts of many collision repair centers across Canada will well understand the value of such service honesty and finesse. The latter is a cost to Budd’s and a gain for its clients. My family salutes you, Mr. J. R. Martino.
2 months ago
A previous person said, poor customer service, and I agree. I had my car in first thing Wednesday morning for a three-day paint job. I told them I needed the car for family events on Sunday and they're only open Saturdays till noon. I would have expected a phone call if my car wasn't going to be ready on Friday... here it is Saturday and there's no answer at their reception. I would have scheduled another time. Note: I phoned you Friday morning, read your receptionists notes. You left early Friday, and Tesla got hold of you Saturday morning. You said, "three" ; it doesn't even sound close to "seven". Wanna keep this going? My review stands... your workmanship is very good...your customer communication was very poor.
in the last week
Amazing, had one of our commercial claims estimates processed within hours of a collision. Excellent attitudes and super diligent/punctual.
in the last week
One of the best body shops in town. They did a great job repairing g my BMW