Our Own Gabriel Merino Is A Motivated Painter!

Gabriel Merino, one of our painters here at Budds' Collision was born and raised in Ecuador. 16 years ago his family moved to Canada, where he now lives with his wife Johana. 

He is currently working on his dream of finding his life passion, he loves helping people, and is a true believer of outrageous giving and purposeful living. He wants to create value to people wherever he can.

Two years ago he was fortunate enough to become debt free and his life has changed ever since! Now he is committed to adding value to the automotive refinishing community through all the avenues available to him.

On his website MotivatedPainters.com he encourages you to become a better painter, by getting motivated and educated to be and do more!

This Is Motivated Painters

PPG Paint How To Blend White Pearl - Spray Painting

Click here to view more videos on his YouTube Channel, Motivated Painters.